Death Stinger ZS Yuji Kaida

Yet another creation by the infamous Gunter Prozen of the Guylos Empire, and considered to be one of the most powerful Zoids ever created, Death Stinger is a Sea Scorpion type Zoid. Death Stinger is consider a hybrid technology Zoid as it uses both an ancient Zoids core and a reproduction Organoid System. Death Stinger is an amphibious  Zoid and is equally as powerful as it is on land as it is in the water. Death Stinger also has the ability to crush massive amounts of rock, including but not limited to large reef's when it's underwater. Death Stinger posses massive weapons and also makes use of an omni directional "ES" (Electronic Shield). Just like the Death Saurer, Death Stinger carries a Charged Particle Cannon as it's main weapon of mass destruction. Due to the way the Charged Particle Cannon  is mounted, and the numerous legs that provide counter balance and act as individual stabilizers, Death Stinger does not have to remain stationary to fire the unit, and can fire the CPC while in the midst of almost any movement. Among it's other weapons are a large 930 mm Shock Cannon and it's powerful claws. Death Stinger can use its claws to shred through almost any medium to large Zoids armor, exposing the inner frame and rendering the Zoid useless. 

Death Stinger is also equipped with a variety of blades which can be used to slash and cut. The Death Stinger has thick armor adding to it's defense, and still retains the ability to move very quickly on both land and in the water. Death Stinger also has the unique ability to operate without any pilots, instead relying on the Organoid System to direct and operate the unit. 

Death Stinger has seen two releases, one of which is the standard NJR and Hasbro release. (Academy also produced a limited number of standard release units for the Korean edition of this Zoid.)  The second release is known as the "Death Stinger ZS", or Death Stinger Zarka Special. Released as part of the Yuji Kaida line, this version of Death Stinger did not come with any extra weapons or armor, and is basically a re-color of the unit. The Zarka special has the very distinct ability to create clones of itself by altering the cores of the Zoids it has defeated, effectively amassing a clone army of Death Stingers.

When Death Stinger was deployed, it went into chaos mode and attacked all parties present at the battle site. Death Stinger wound up causing considerable casualties to both the Empire and the Republic, and was finally destroyed by a Geno Breaker. The Death Stinger would be re-tooled and re-released for later deployments by the Empire.

Death Stinger is considerably large when finished, and the build is one that is not to be missed. Construction of the unit is gratifying and satisfying when complete. The unit also has the ability to be controlled by the CP-16 and act as an RC Zoid. The build is of medium length and not overly complicated. The finished unit can be positioned in a variety of ways when complete including classic tail curled scorpion mode, as well as tail flat pursuit mode. Although not overly difficult to locate, expect to pay a mid ranged price for this piece. If you are a fan of insect Zoids, or just want to gather limited releases the "ZS" version provides a nice, more realistic color scheme and is also worthy of also adding to your collection. The Death Stinger Zarka Special was the 13th and final Yuji Kaida release back in 2003. 

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