Death Raser

Death Raser is a Therizinosaurus-type Zoid created by the Empire along with Zi Arms Corp. Death Raser is a bipedal Zoid with thick, angular armor and a variety of weapons. The Death Raser carriers a total of four Plasma blades, two electric claws, two strike claws, a shock needle tail, tail sword, four laser guns, and an electrical discharger. The Death Raser was created alongside the Parablade which would enable the two units to form one of the three Zoids Dragons, known as the" Decalto Dragon". 

Death Raser lacks any long range weapons, and takes a different approach to combat than most Zoids do. The four large antlers on each side of the back of the Zoid are known as "Plasma Shocker Blades". These blades have the ability to release bursts of concentrated energy. The effects are not unlike a stun gun, and the concentrated energy can shock and lag the opponents system.

Another unique feature is the tail of the Death Raser. Titled the "Shock Needle Tail", it has the ability to manipulate magnetic forces. When the tail contacts the opponent it leaves behind a negative charge which makes the target prone to attracting metal. The effects are two fold, the first the Zoid that has received this misfortune is now an automatic target for any metal based attacks that come it's way, and second the Zoid will attract any scrap metal in close proximity weighing down the unit and becoming a major annoyance when it starts to disturb movement and limit sight.

Rounding out these abilities is the Death Raser's ability to stand stationary and charge the Plasma Shocker Blades. After ample time the Zoid is able to release this charge producing a static field that will adversely effect any Zoid within range by wreaking havoc upon it's electrical systems causing the Zoid to react very slowly and in some cases stunning the Zoid completely. 

 The build is unique and is somewhere between a Berserk Fury and a large BLOX Zoid. The Plasma Blades coupled with the low stance and long frontal claws give the Zoid a very aggressive appearance. It hunched position gives it a realistic feel and the Zoid is very unique and distinct in it's movement. When switched on the Zoid walks forward with it's arms moving, the Plasma blades animating, and the tail swinging. The NJR line saw the release of the maroon red Death Raser as it's own separate unit, while the Genesis line received the white and blue Death Raser and Parablade combo or Decalto Dragon. A limited green version of the Decalto was released as a contest only prize. The limited version is extremely hard to locate as not many units were made. A Death Raser will run between $35.00-40.00 US, expect to pay around double for the Genesis Delcalto Dragon. The limited when it does become available usually starts bidding wars and ends up at a final price of $200.00-300.00US. Death Raser makes an excellent unit to any collection, it's odd "spikey" look is far from the normal bi-pedal Zoids on the shelf, the tail is totally different, and the unit shows how Zoids evolved at the end of the war when both ZOITEC and Zi-Arms were the main focus of skirmishes. Pick one up if you have the chance.

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