The ZPX limited edition Blade Hawk is a custom produced run by ZoidsPoison in Singapore. Reserved for contest winners of the annual ZoidsPosion custom contest, this is a chromed out version of Blade Hawk. I had the honor of receiving this kit to add to the Zoid.US collection, and was very excited to do a full review.

The first noticeable thing about the ZPX kit is the custom box. Complete with the Blade Hawk flying over the Murasame Liger on the front, the kit is aptly dubbed "ZP-01" making it the first official Zoids Poison release.

Make no mistake this is a finished box with the graphics spanning the sides, and is complete with the TOMY trade mark, and front graphic style spilling over to lend a feeling of absolute official-ness. 

A look inside reveals beautiful blue chrome pieces residing on the first sprue.

The second sprue features gun-metal gray chrome rounding out the color scheme.

Almost aqua, the blue is reminiscent of a light sky, and definitely brings out the air nature of the piece. 

I debated over whether or not to even build this piece for a few days, but the desire to see the finished piece eventually won me over. How could I not take a look at actually building this beauty? Construction begins with the head and neck.

With the head and neck complete, four spear heads connect to the four point body frame.

Two pieces of head armor cover the neck and head combo.

Next, a set of barbed points affix under each wing.

Two tail pieces are attached to the back of the unit, and the dual under-mounted supports are fitted.

Tail in place:

Last the wings, and head and neck piece attach to the main body via one blox.

The unit is complete.

The ZPX Blade Hawk has a royal presence when complete. The chrome colors adorn the piece with both elegance and beauty making the ZPX a most desirable trophy. So if you haven't started already....get your custom on, and if you're good enough you may just wind up with one of these sleek units in your collection!

This has been a Zoid.US production. No image may be used without permission. 2008 -WIKD