Building Valga

Valga consists of:

4 Sprues

12 Caps

1 Pilot

1 Instruction Sheet

3 Springs (2small and 1 large)

1 weight cylinder

1 Motor (Medium wind up with flap)

The motor included with Valga ia unlike any other in the Zoids universe. It has the traditional round black top wind, it also has several pegs used to hang the springs and a large flap that is activated when the motor is wound.


The pilot is dark chrome very similar to pilots included with the Dark Zoids.

A closer look at the springs and weight included.

Moving on to the instruction booklet it also keeps Valga's esoteric style. The schematics are complex especially when dealing with a circular unit.

The build begins with assembling the cockpit.

With the cockpit built, the first of the circular frames are attached.

The frames attach to each side of the cockpit.

The next segment is then started, again two frames rest on each side of the middle piece, the first large arrow head spike pegs into a port on the side of one of the frames.

The two segments are then joined.

The finished segment is now attached to the motor, a third piece will provide pegs for anchoring the upcoming segments.

Two side frames are attached to the previously placed anchoring piece, one frame fits another arrow head shaped spike on the right hand side.

The last anchoring piece has a small cylinder weight inserted inside.

It's attached to the unit with an end frame piece and arrow head spike.

The weight bearing piece is then secured by a frame piece on the opposite side.

Next the wheels are built. Each wheel consists of a base piece, a small wheel, and a peg to hold the wheel onto the base.

Next, the last segment is built. This segment also holds the wheels and what will become the blades.

The process is the repeated with the opposite frame which also holds the second set of wheels.

Next, the two large springs are set on the pegs provided by the motor.

With the springs set, they are held in place by a small circular piece.

Moving on, it's now time to set the arrow head spikes on the opposite side of the unit that did no receive any initially. A total of four spikes are set and each secured by a single cap.

Next, the blades and wheels are mounted.

Next the cannon sets are inserted into the front fenders.

Next, each piece of outer spiked armor is fitted with a small intake vent.

Each piece of armor is then fitted on the main unit.

Two cannons are fitted, one on each side, and the unit is ready for stickers.

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