Building Salamander

Salamander consists of:

5 Sprues

1 Missile Sprue

16 Caps

2 Pilot2

1 Instruction Sheet

3 Springs (optional release dependant)

1 Canopy

1 Motor (battery powered single or dual "AA" release dependant)


The build starts with encasing the engine with two side frames.

The frames are secured with three clips.

Both sides of the head as well as the canopy are then fitted.



The lower jaw is then attached via one cap.

The neck is then started.

The second neck piece is then placed.

The dual ears pieces are fitted and the pilot is seated.


Two side bars are then fitted on each side and held in place with a total of four caps.


The head then slides into place.

The wing bracket is then fitted atop the unit with four caps.

The spring and back cylinder piece are then attached.

The build then moves onto the legs. Both left and right legs are built. The process starts with three pieces.

This foot is then attached to this piece via a peg and one cap.

The outer portion of the armor is then snapped into place.

The leg is then complete.

The same process is then repeated for the second leg.

Both legs are complete.

Each leg is attached with a small "L" shaped that attaches it to the main frame and connects it to the motor via two caps.

The other leg is attached and the unit can now stand.

The tail is then complete. It consists of 5 segments that fit underneath each other and are held in place with caps.


The tail slides on the back of the main unit.

The wings are then built. Each wing consits of four segments (including arm) that are held in place via three caps.

A closer look:

The wings are then attached to the unit via a pen that bolts through the main body, and the arm which is positioned on the "bolt" on the top of the main body frame.

The wings are secured via two pieces that hold each wing up from the underside and attach via two caps.

A dual set of cannons adorns each wing.

The golden chest plate and dual chest cannons are then attached.

The spring loaded back positioned missile launcher is the assembled.

It mounts on two back pegs.

The unit is now complete and ready for stickers.

After placing the stickers, two missiles are placed (one in each launcher) and the unit is ready for display.


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