Building Rev Raptor

Rev Raptor Consists of:

1 Lens

1 Motor (key wind up)

1 Pilot

12 Caps

4 Sprues

1 Sticker Sheet

1 Instruction Book

Note: The limited releases of Raven Raptor and Rev Rapter Night Patrol include the CP-08 Pile Bunker and will included in this review.

The build starts with sandwiching the motor between each body half. Each body half also houses the back end of the two piece tail.

Next the lens is placed on the underside of the top of the head. Two pieces combine to form the neck and upper jaw. Three port like pieces hold the chest together.

The third step involves placing an inner piece that has a peg allowing the motor to move it, an outer cover is then placed over the inner axle. This is done on both sides of the unit. The bottom jaw is then fitted to the bottom of the head and secured via two caps.

Next the arms and legs are constructed. Each leg consists of an upper and lower portion which are fitted together and secured with one cap. 

Each arm has a total of three claw pieces that are placed at then end of the arm to form the appendages.

Next the arms and legs are attached to the body, one cap secures each appendage.

The unit is now free standing.

Next the each scythe blade is attached to a post piece which allows the blade to be both inserted into the back and secured with a cap. A bridge piece is then fitted on the two pegs securing the back and providing the mount of the cannon that doubles as a key to wind the motor.


This would conclude the building process for the standard Rev Raptor. Both special edition units Yuji Kaida and Night Patrol come with the CP-08 or Pile Bunker which is covered below.

The CP-08 consists of one sprue, and was designed for both Rev Raptor and Iguan. The first step in it's construction is placing the two cap like covers over each long barrel piece forming one unit as shown below.

Next the solid barrel is inserted into the main stock which is formed from two pieces.

Next a U shaped tube is secured by two pieces that form the magazine.

Next the wind up key is removed and the CP-08 mounting bunker is placed on the backside of the Zoid.

The CP-08 is then put into place.

The unit is then ready for stickers, and display.


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