Building an Iron Kong

Iron Kong consists of:

7 Sprues (Including missile sprue)

32 Caps

1 Lens

2 Pilots

1 Motor (with light)

1 Back Pack Cover

1 Sticker Sheet

1 Spring (optional depending upon release)

Iron Kong has always been one of my most favorite builds. Working with the large pieces, and enjoying how the unit fits together just perfectly is highly anticipating. When complete and when you see that gorilla stomping forward  for the first time there is a sense of accomplishment that follows. One of the best animated walks, Iron Kong truly mimics the nuisances of a large male silverback gorilla.

The first step is assembling the back pack mount that will contain the missiles. Two pieces are snapped into each other while another two pieces secure them from the each side. A large rotating ring is then placed on the very end of the unit.

Next, the missiles are attached to each other fitting over the rotating ring on the previously built unit.

Two pieces form the neck joint and are placed directly onto the front side of the engine.


The engine is then sandwiched with the right and left body plates (that are held in place via three caps per side for a total of six caps) the chest plate, and the missile adorned backpack. Note: the light attached to the wire remains exposed so that it may be utilized later.

Next, four clips are placed to hold the unit together. Two on the top side, and two on the bottom region.

The back bar is inserted, and the two side plates are pushed into place. The two chest pieces are also snapped into the chest


Construction then begins on the head. The nose mask holds the lens which is inserted into the pilot seating area, and the back portion of the head is then placed.

With the head built, the exposed light on the wire is ran up through the head and positioned. The head is then placed on the neck and held in place with one cap.

The large reverse head guard is then placed onto the lower portion of the previously built head. Now, both upper face plates sandwich the light and complete the head.

Work then starts on the front arms. A small fork piece is fitted under that large arm bar which is secured by one cap

The forearm piece is then locked into the large arm bar via 2 caps, and the fist is created by positioning two fist  halves at the opposite side of the forearm. The front arm is now complete.

The same process is repeated for the second front arm. The front arms are now complete, see below.

Construction begins on the back legs. Two pieces are fitted onto the motor and held in place with one cap.

The middle portion of the leg is then fitted onto the previous pieces with the aid of two caps. The foot has two pieces which are sandwiched to the lower part of the middle leg portion and held in place with a total of two caps. The foot has two pieces which are sandwiched to the lower part of the middle leg portion and held in place with a total of two caps.

The Same process is repeated on the opposite side, and both back legs are now finished.

Next, we Armor the Beast known as the Iron Kong.

The left arm has a total of 6 plates that cover the arm. It also houses a missile pod with a flip up plate which resides in the shoulder that has a grill plate sandwiched between the halves.  This process is repeated for the right hand side, yet it does lack the missile pod and flip up plate and in it's place resides a cannon mount.

Moving onto the legs. Each leg has three lower pieces of armor. One piece goes on each side and the last fits on the back of the foot. One large armor plate adorns the upper portion of the leg. This process is repeated on the opposite leg.

The main cannon is now built. A spring, spring loader piece, and spring release piece are sandwiched inside of the cannon halves. 

The last step is to put the flash suppressor at the end of the cannon. The cannon can now be mounted on the Iron Kong.

Apply the stickers, load the missiles, and your Iron Kong is ready to roll.

This has been a Zoid.US production. No image may be used without permission. 2009 -WIKD