Zeek Dober / Ice Blazer 

Building the OJR Zeek Dober alongside the Ice Blazer

Zeek Dober                 Ice Blazer

5 frames                      6 frames
1 motor assembly *          1 motor assembly*
14 caps                        14 caps
1 sticker sheet                1 sticker sheet
1 chrome pilot               1 chrome pilot
   1 insturction sheet          1 insturction sheet
                                    1 fanbook**

                                                                *(motor assembly consists of 1 gear axle, 1 small gear sprue (3 pieces) 1 motor, 3 battery contacts, 2 rear axle assemblies 2 rods)

**Included with Ice Blazer was a small fabook

Sticker Sheet and motors are identical. Usually I see some variance in paper thickness, contrast, etc. There was none here.

Build begins with the battery compartment on both units.

Motor is then fitted.

The gears are then placed.

Step three connects the grade up port to the dorsal side of the unit.

The neck piece attaches to the front of the unit, and the chest piece is placed.

Step six sees the first very clear ice blazer deviation in the building process. While the ears are attached in this step on Zeek Dober,
Ice Blazer remains with only the lower half of the head.

Both units are turned over.

The right side body armor is attached.

The on/off switch is built after attaching the right side

Next the left body armor is attached securing the tail in place.

The body armor is secured with a clip, while the underbelly / battery compartment is placed.

This step is finished with placement of the breast armor plate. Note the purple undercarriage on ice blazer vs. the red on zeek dober.

Note that Ice Blazer still remains without ears

Ice Blazer Zoid

. We move onto building the legs of each unit. Each set attachs to an axle. Ice Blazer's head armor and ears are attached.

Ice Blazer Building

Pilots are seated into the cockpit and back blades are fitted.

Ice blazer cannons

The cannons are mounted, and the last step for Ice Blazer is it's head mounted weapon.

The units are complete.

Ready for stickers!

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