Blade Hawk was a Video Game Exclusive Zoid that accompanied the Japanese Game "Full Metal Crash". Released in October of 2005 "Full Metal Crash" was the sequel to "Zoids Struggle". The Murasame Liger has always been one of my favorite ligers and Blade Hawk was designed to combine with the unit. I really looked forward to the end result which is basically a Murasame with a huge Shuriken (throwing star) in place of it's blade. So is it worth it? Lets take a look.

Blade Hawk comes on two sprues, along with a Blox, a small sheet of stickers, and instructions. The build is simple and takes about 10 minutes. The end result really reminds me of the Transformer Laserbeak. Back in the mid 1980's this was one of those toys that I constantly had in my pocket. (I have yet to track one down, but need to do so soon.) The hawk is built around the star which is a unique concept, and I like the extra detail that the four (two on each wing) blades provide. 

Blade Hawk is a navy blue and black, classic colors that always work well together. It does come with a unique set of stickers which are done in (oddly enough) a bright orange. The design flows pretty well for being a freebie thrown in with a game. The unit also holds together very nicely, and is good enough to be displayed. 

The conversion takes longer than the initial build of the Hawk. Out comes your Murasame and off comes the armor. The facial armor (including cheek blades and head top) is removed, as well as both front and back upper leg armors, and the sword and harness unit. Blade Hawk breaks down to replace these pieces. I do enjoy how EVERY bit of Blade Hawk is used in the conversion. 

The new head armor looks almost Jager like. It's very odd that only the center piece that holds the upper leg armor is replaced in the conversion. Why would you want to replace such a minor aspect of the upper leg armor? It really eludes me and makes no sense. They could have thrown in a couple of extra pieces make the conversion more prominent. Also, when replacing the back leg armor there is only one additional piece that really takes away from the bulk of the original look of the Murasame.

I can say that the addition of the throwing star is bad ass. I also enjoy how each of the four blades has the possibility to extend and give you the choice of how long you want each arm. The bad news is that the star has no wicked movement ala the blade harness. It can be positioned in a variety of ways and does have a nice range of motion.

Blade hawk WAS intended as a freebie, and as such it does it's job. I personally would not convert my only Murasame to display it in Blade Hawk form. I'm not in favor of losing about 15 pieces to gain 5. It is a cool oddity, and although it will not make a strong addition to your collection it's worth a shot at the right price.

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