Atak Kat


Developed by the Empire, the Atak Kat is a small, high speed, Zoid that was developed from stealth and intelligence gathering missions. Almost as if the unit is a super spy, it has highly advanced sensors, and a large heat dispersion system that allows for minimal heat signals that could potentially be used to track the unit. Atack Kat also equips a sound muffling system on each of it's legs enabling the unit to run silently. Probably the most known feature on Atack Kat is the stealth shield, which allows the unit to turn itself invisible.

While cloaked in invisibility and it's sound muffling devices functioning , Atack Kat could creep up on any foe or possibly hide so well that any opponents could not get a visual on the cloaked Zoid. Zoids with advanced Sensory equipment (Shadow Fox) can see through the cloak . Atack Kat has very light and thin armor yet despite these two downfalls Atack Cat is considered a highly capable Zoid, in fact the technology used in constructing Atack Kat were later incorporated the Lightening Saix.

Atack Cat made an appearance in two Anime episodes. The model is simplistic in build, and the end result is satisfying, a great starter Zoid, or something smaller to add to your collection. There was a second version released as a limited version, this version featured a different color scheme, and did not come with any extra sprues.

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