Produced by the republic, RZ-067 or Arosaurer is an Allosaurus type Zoid. Based on Godos Arosaurer could be considered

a sort of Godos MKII. Arosaurer was used as a standard ground unit. Although the unit could be considered slow hen

compared to some of its four legged counterparts, Arosaurer has fairly heavy armor for it's class. Perhaps the most interesting

fact of Arosaur's history is that it was used an an escort for Mad Thunder. Arosauer can readily be found, and makesan excellent first Zoid,

or addition to any collection.

Arosaurer consists of:

4 Sprues

1 Motor

1 Canopy

18 Caps

1 Instruction booklet

1 Sticker Sheet

(Fan Book Vol. 4)

Construction is pleasantly satisfying and begins with building both arms and feet.

Construction then moves to body assembly.


Next four pieces of external armor are placed.

Next, the canopy is placed inside two face plates.

Next the real beauty of construction begins with the beautiful leg design.



The legs are based on two rods held in place via two caps.





The other side is then finished.



The last steps consist of attaching each pre-built arm via one cap and also mounting the shoulder guns.


With the unit fully constructed the only item that remains to be taken care of are


the trimmimg and placment of the stickers.



The sticker sheet has a good variety of emblems and make it possible to duplicate that which is displayed on the box art.


Arosaurer is an excellent piece and will fit into any Zoids collection very nicely, The leg construction will mesmerize anyone.


The finished product walks true to form, and does so in one of the better life like manners that I have ever observed.


Pick one up if you get the chance.









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