They call me WIKD, I am a published Artist, Father of Three Beautiful Daughters, Husband of the most Beautiful and Understanding Woman in the world, prop designer, former Ouija board Artesian, and Zoid collector.

My Zoidian interests range from Zoids to Technozoids,  Zoids 2 to the Original Japanese Release Zoids. Blox Zoids to Power Zoids, Yuji Kaida Zoids to Leo Shop Chrome Zoids, Dark Zoids...well you get the idea. This site is dedicated to my collection, and here is a little back story to bring you up to speed:

When I was a child, around 8 years of age, I distinctly remember asking for assistance with massive amounts of oddly shaped plastic pieces that would eventually form a wicked looking functional robotic dinosaur figure. Between chewing on the rubber caps and occasionally losing pieces here and there the small collection was eventually lost in childhood abyss.

Many years later, now married, and with a beautiful wife and three amazing daughters I found myself walking down the aisles of a "Toys R Us" looking for something special for my (first) little girl. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something sitting on the clearance shelf. Upon further inspection I found myself gazing upon a familiar sight a "Zoid". Memories rushed back into my mind and I was ecstatic about my discovery. I quickly placed the box in my cart, receiving an odd look from my wife.

On the drive home, I happily explained my discovery. Zoids, to me, have brought back countless childhood memories that were quite beautiful. Now between being a Father myself, a Husband, and a full time Artist I collect these magnificent engine driven plastic wonders. This is the second incarnation of my site formally known as

Over the last few years I have enjoyed building one of the largest Zoid collections on Planet Earth, and I see nothing stopping me from moving further. Lately, my focus has been on acquiring prototypes. I am proud to own an entire set of NJR Zoids, and I am forever working on a publication about Zoids.

Recently I was going through dome old photo albums, and as you will see I have always been a "toy hunter". My childhood was filled with numerous toys from pop culture mainstream collections like Star Wars to the more obscure lines like Galoobs black star, and of course Zoids. I guess I never really ever completely "let go" of toys as I remember always having a few close at hand even back when I was too cool for school. 

I scanned these in and spice this page up in my borth month October. I believe the pictures are somewhere between 1984 and 1987.

As displayed on the front page, this is the best shot of me with my very first Zoid. Beware when giving such cool toys to your kids it could end up spawning another

Produced by Galoob, this was the BlackSun line. Here I have Tongo the catman who came with personal demon.

This is just one of my vintage Star Wars shirts.

Again, me with infamous Star Wars toys and Warrior beasts.

As I find more I will scan them in, it's hard, but a real treat when you are able to locate pictures from your youth that display toy relevant to the time period. I believe this is an off brand, something like a "Hap E Kid" note the look of disdain on my face. Even a toy hunter of such a young age can discriminate knock offs!